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If you are feeling frustrated and at times even angry from your dog’s destructive behavior, we can help… you’ll be amazed at the results after just one lesson!

How the pandemic affects our Dogs

We are all living a new life, that includes our dogs too! With the new, “work from home” employment situation our dogs are loving it. In fact, we love having our best friend around all the time… Day in, day […]

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Your Dog & COVID 19

We are hearing a lot about dogs getting COVID 19… Should we be worried? The truth is, we don’t  know yet. What it sounds like is dogs are a Dead End carrier meaning they do not pass it on. This […]

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Dogs & Snakes – Keep Your Dogs Safe From Rattle Snake Bites

Their Back… Its snake season again!
People are reporting rattle snake sightings already this year. How do we keep our dogs safe from rattle snake bites? I suggest taking your dog to a reputable snake avoidance class. Even the most obedient […]

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Dog Training For The Holidays and Safety Reminders

Holiday Training and Safety Reminders
Greeting Holiday Visitors
Ding dong! Hi, folks, Happy Holi—barkbarkbarkbarkbarkbark!!
We all know that front door scene. Whether it’s the UPS guy, a neighbor dropping by, or a bevy of expected guests, many dogs go nuts when they hear […]

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Helping our Aging Dogs

Stroking that grey, grizzled head of your devoted canine pal reminds us of how much our dogs have given us over the years in loyalty, companionship, and service to our needs. It’s now become the norm that dogs are trained […]

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Keeping Your Dog Safe this Christmas

Tis The Season!
It’s that time of year again, Merry Christmas! Keeping our dogs safe during the holidays may not be in the forefront of your mind. However, our dogs need us to look out for them even more so during […]

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Sky is my 9 month old Belgian Tervuren

9 month old Belgian Tervuren , Skye.
Five stars for Gerards’ training methods! I have a 9 month old Belgian Tervuren , Skye. We had gone to training classes else where and they were not working. My pup was anxious and […]

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Dog Safety Tips for children on Halloween and Year-Round

Dog Safety Tips for children on Halloween and Year-Round
Halloween is a good time to remind or teach your kids how to stay safe around dogs, even your own family dog.
Explain to little ones that since dogs can’t tell you if […]

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by Gerard Raneri
Dog Training Mobile

Our Tucson heat can become brutal in the summer as most of us already  know. Our dogs may have it even worse in some situations. They can’t always tell you what they need, it’s up to […]

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Is your dog growling at people or other dogs?

Here in Tucson, we broke 100 degrees today, for many dogs the Tucson heat can be a major irritant. During the summer months I frequently work with clients and receive calls from dog owners about their dog’s growling. Understandably, this […]

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