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Dog Friendly Approach

Dogs Need a Strong Leader

Dog at Gerard's Feet - TrainerDogs are innately social animals, and thus understand, respect and desire relationships with other beings, whether canine or human. Dogs also have an instinctive desire to please the “pack” (or group) leader.

Leaders know what’s best for the pack and what will keep them safe; pack members look to the leader to meet their basic needs for survival. Effective human pack leaders (you) know they gain respect and build a stronger bond when pack members (your dog/s) are allowed to make choices.

In fact, dogs need a leader so much that they will put themselves into that role even if it scares them. This is instinctual—they don’t ponder it. Dogs simply respond to what they know they need to survive, namely, a strong, consistent leader.

However, being a pack leader is not about bullying or hurting the pack members!

Our non-harsh, relationship-based training method will help you communicate to your dog that you are the one who is meeting his/her needs, and thus you are the one who is the pack leader. When you learn the correct attitude and methods, your dog will come to see you as a worthy, consistent and safe leader. I will teach you how!

We are committed to helping you balance your pack relationship with your dog by teaching YOU how to be your dog’s true pack leader.

Non-Harsh Methods

To some people, words like leadership, pack leader, correction and dominance have come to be equated with harsh training methods. This is not the case with The Dog Training Mobile.

Every dog pack has leaders, every pack has dominant members, and every pack leader may at some point correct the pack members—though not by physical force. Dogs correct each other all the time in their own way. In fact, dogs have at least three types of non-physical corrections that never inflict pain. I’ll teach you what they are!

When dogs interact in a pack and one dog behaves in a way that’s unacceptable to the others, there are consequences the disruptive dog may have to bear. This is why using consequences when training our dogs can be very effective. However, this becomes unproductive when the consequence is too harsh. Trying to stop unwanted behavior with the use of force and painful methods only confuses the dog further, and thus may create further behavior issues.

The misconception many people have is that they need to use force to train every dog, employing harmful, physical methods. This type of old-school thinking is simply not true.

We help you achieve leadership without physical force or fear. A well founded, relationship based approach to dog training does need not rely on using training aids or treats. I believe that when a positive relationship is established and maintained, the connection between dog and human is itself what achieves the training goals. My relationship based methods are never harsh, never painful. We avoid using pinch collars, choke chains, shock collars or alpha rolling.

Again, our overall goal is to find the best way to help you communicate with your dog right from the start, when we work to establish your leadership and develop a new, more rewarding relationship between you and your dog.

At The Dog Training Mobile, we never do anything to your dog without discussing our proposed methods directly with you, both before and during the training. You must be comfortable with any approach to training we may use.

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