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Are you using the best dog Treats?

Are you giving your dogs quality treats? Before you answer, please look at this company’s standards…

                 Fig & Tyler

I rarely promote products… When I do it’s  because I have used them with my own dogs.

One of the key ingredients to being successful when Training  Puppies & Dogs is to be able to motivate your dog. For some dogs its praise other dogs toys… But most dogs will become motivated quickly with a High Value Treat. Fig & Tyler only sell high value treats. 

 If your dog or puppy is motivated properly, training goes faster and easier. Using the proper healthy treats is very important.  Or if you just want to give your dog the very best treats, I recommend Fig & Tyler, Check out their website! They are all freeze- dried, human grade and are some of the  very best quality treats I have ever used. My dogs love them and so did my client’s dogs! The Sardines, minnows, duck, rabbit, will be new to your dogs,  because I am pretty sure you aren’t giving them treats like that. And if you are, good for you, great job!   

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I want you to know that I do not receive any money from Fig & Tyler. The only reason I’m doing this is because the treats are exceptional. Once you see them, open the packaging you’ll see the difference in the quality. Your dogs will love them!


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