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Our New Puppy is Here!

Meet Baci –
She is our new addition to Dog Training Mobile– Baci is 8 weeks old now and she just arrived yesterday.
She is a mini Brenedoodle from “Rocky Mountain Beredoodles”
Thank you to Rocky Mountain Bernedoodle -Tammie & all her […]

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Dog Food “To Grain or Not to Grain? ” That is the question

I am sure many of you have heard about claims stating that Grain Free Dog Food causes  heart issues with some dogs. In my opinion, I don’t trust the study or the source. I feed Orijen and Stella and Chewy’s […]

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Dog Training For The Holidays and Safety Reminders

Holiday Training and Safety Reminders
Greeting Holiday Visitors
Ding dong! Hi, folks, Happy Holi—barkbarkbarkbarkbarkbark!!
We all know that front door scene. Whether it’s the UPS guy, a neighbor dropping by, or a bevy of expected guests, many dogs go nuts when they hear […]

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DNA study suggests dogs originated in Europe

For years there has been studies done to find out more about the evolution of  dogs  and where they came from. As a dog trainer, I find studies like this very interesting.  But at the end of the day… no […]

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What dog breed is the best to have?

I often hear this question, “what breed is the best one to get?”
My response is simple, well maybe not that simple. It all depends on your lifestyle; are you an active family? Do you like hiking or taking long walks? […]

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