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Dogs & Snakes – Keep Your Dogs Safe From Rattle Snake Bites

Their Back… Its snake season again!

People are reporting rattle snake sightings already this year. How do we keep our dogs safe from rattle snake bites? I suggest taking your dog to a reputable snake avoidance class. Even the most obedient dogs get bit. A well trained dog will be less likely to get bit, however, it’s not addressing the attraction to prey. It’s a natural instinct for your dog to approach a snake.
Having a well trained dog will help when you’re with your dog. However, if your dog is alone in the back yard and a snake gets in, most dogs will go up to the snake to investigate and bam… they get bit.
Its painful and expensive to treat; snake avoidance training is the answer.

If you know me and my philosophy,  I am not a dog trainer that uses e-collars  (shock collars).   In this case, it’s the only way to condition your dog that snakes are bad, “stay away.”
There are many types of dog training equipment available, its not the equipment thats bad or good, it’s how they are used. E-collars have their place, I personally  don’t use e-collars as a  family dog trainer. That said, they can save your dogs life and teach them to stay away from snakes even if they are alone.

I can recommend a snake avoidance trainer that is outstanding, I’ve been sending my clients to Dave for years. He offers one on one classes in the dogs own back yard, he also has group classes available. Dave with Desert Wildlife Services 520-240-4556 – Dave is really good with dogs and knows what he’s doing. There are three senses that dogs use, smell, sound and sight, it’s key to address all three.  Click hers for Dave’s website 

Training your dog to avoid rattle snake 

I personally do not offer Snake Avoidance Dog Training because that would mean that I would have to handle snakes. I’m a dog guy, not a snake guy. I’ll leave that to Dave, he’s great at it.

Our local news addressed the early snake sittings



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