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Dog Training Philosophy

What Makes Our Methods Different?

My Dogs

My Dogs

At Dog Training Mobile, we believe your relationship with your dog should be like those you have with your family and friends: trusting, rewarding, and fun!

Dog Training Mobile’s mission is to help you truly enjoy your dog’s companionship. Throughout our 25 years of experience, we’ve found that correcting unwanted behaviors is best achieved by first building a solid, balanced foundation of trust and mutual respect between you and your dog or puppy – without the use of force or harsh techniques.

Dog Training Mobile takes an approach that is both natural and simple. Our overall goal is to lead your dog to make the correct behavioral choice for no other reason than because of the relationship you share. This special connection is grounded in leadership, balance and communication.

Dog Training Mobile can help you get there.

Basic Tenets of Our Training Philosophy

  • Every dog and dog owner is unique
  • No one type of training method works for everyone
  • Using solid canine communication skills is key to building a good relationship with your dog and to solving unwanted behaviors
  • There’s no reason to inflict pain to train
  • Every new dog-human relationship provides a learning opportunity for all involved – myself including

Over the years, we’ve learned and used a wide array of training methods. I fully expect my dog training philosophy and techniques to continue to grow and evolve as animal behaviorists from around the world learn more about canine behavior through applied research, case studies, science and, most importantly, hands-on training. It just makes sense that we remain open to expanding our knowledge based on what science shows us, as well as what we learn from clients and their dogs themselves.

I hope this helps you understand the mindset and approach of  Dog Training Mobile. I look forward to meeting you and helping your pack soon!

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