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Dog Safety Tips for children on Halloween and Year-Round

Dog Safety Tips for children on Halloween and Year-Round


Halloween is a good time to remind or teach your kids how to stay safe around dogs, even your own family dog.

Explain to little ones that since dogs can’t tell you if they’re upset or afraid, they will show you by pawing at you, growling, nipping, or – worst of all — biting. Thus, we must teach our kids how to respect a dog’s comfort and space.

not all dogs are comfortable doing this!

First, here are a few reminders about dogs and Halloween costumes:

When our children put on their Halloween costumes, your dog may see them as strangers, especially if the costume includes a mask. So, allow your dog to sniff the costumes before the kids put them on, and simply leave the mask off when the dog is around. When you do put the mask on be sure you let your dog watch you put it on. If your dog reacts to the mast on your child, it’s best to keep the mask off around your dog or any dog thats acting fearful.
Remind children not to try to put your dog in a costume. While some dogs love being the center of attention, many do not. Instead, have your child assist you in gently putting the costume pieces on your dog. If the dog shows any resistance, just tie a fun scarf around his neck. He’ll be happier and calmer, and your child will be safe. Remember, not all dogs want to have customs put on them on!

The Following is my “never-break” list that helps you ensure your child stays safe around dogs at any time of year. 

Never tease a dog (or any pet, for that matter) or pull its collar, tail or ears.
Never get on a dogs back or try to ride a large dog, no matter how big the dog or small the child – a dog is not a horse. The Canine’s backs are not built to carry weight.
Never pet or touch a strange dog, even if it seems friendly.
Never go near or bother a dog when it is sleeping, eating, or caring for its pups.
Never take a dog’s food or toy away or hold it out of the animal’s reach.
Children should never pick up a dog — when a dog is that close to a child’s face, it’s way too dangerous.
After petting a dog or handling dog food, wash your hands right away.
Never let your child hug or try to kiss a dog. Many dogs do not understand this type of affection, so they could feel trapped. When a dog feels trapped and cannot get away, it may bite.

Keep in mind that your dog may be fearful of the front door bell or guests coming in. Many dogs react to the door bell by barking, jumping  at that door, and even trying to bite the guest when they come in. If your dog has issue like this, you will need special help that focuses on that type of behaviour. I suggest keeping your dog in a safe room or crate “if he or she is crate trained”. If your dog has issues like this, it is correctable but it may take time.  Take our free quize to see how your dogs behaviour scores

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