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Grounded in Science

I approach every human-dog relationship with an open mind and a keen focus on the client’s needs—what I was hired to do—as well as the dog’s ability and temperament. I never use harsh or inhumane training methods.

Our methods employ a relationship-based approach, using operant conditioning. We teach you to gain control without harsh equipment or force. Our goal is to get your dog to respond to you because it’s natural for them to follow their leader.

We help you create a thinking dog who learns how to make the correct choice using lots of positive reinforcement, without fear of a slap or pinch from a collar. Doing this not only teaches the dog, but also strengthens your bond and trust for a lifetime of companionship.

My Pugs

My Pugs

With The Dog Training Mobile, you will learn the dynamics of basic dog psychology. Our clients tell us how much they appreciate it when we take the time to explain the science and research behind dogs and dog training methodologies. By understanding some key canine behavioral principles, you will become a better owner not only for this dog, but also for any dog you ever have.

We help you understand what your dog needs most, and why meeting those needs is essential to creating a rewarding connection with your canine companion. In addition, seeing things from your dog’s world helps you to be more in tune with him/her, and helps your dog become a terrific family member.

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