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Dog Training Mobile
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by Dog Training Help on Dog Training Mobile
Dog Training Review

This was a great experience for me and my Pug. So I noticed that Gerard had Pugs too So I knew he would understand my issues and he did.

Gerard came to my home and explained his whole Dog Training system. After that he interacted with Jesse (my Pug) and had him doing things he would never do for me.. I had no idea he knew the down command. I have owned him since he was 10 weeks old and never taught him that command, he's 2 now. Gerard had him doing sits, downs and stay as well as come within fifteen minuets of working with him. I hired him on the spot and we did three visits.

By the end of the 3 visits Jesse & I know what we were doing. Truthfully I was doing things all wrong, Gerard told me in a very nice way that I talk way too much to Jesse when I want him to do something. I was actually confusing my dog and didn't realize it. The only thing I need more help on is walking on leash. It's so much better but he will still tries to pull. However when Gerard walks him, no pulling at all but when I walk Jesse he will pul me a little. So I need more help with that.

I can say with no reservations, Gerard /Dog Training Mobile do a great job. Everything he told me he would do, he did. Now it's up to me to be consistent with Jesse. I will actually miss our lessons, I was always so proud of Jesse watching him work with Gerard.

Hi Olivia,
you did a great job with Jesse the pug. He's a little outlaw, thats for sure but a cute one! I'll have to post one of his pics here soon. Call me anytime for Dog Training Help, I enjoyed working with you.

by Joy and Glen on Dog Training Mobile
Great dog trainer

We just finished training sessions for our 10 month old Mini Australian Shepherd. We can't say enough good things about Gerard. We noticed a change in our puppy after the first lesson! Gerard helped us to establish ourselves as pack leaders to a very head-strong dog (!), to stop her from jumping on people and furniture and resolve socialization issues. You can see he really cares about dogs. Gerard is a great dog trainer and we would highly recommend him without reservation. Thank you Gerard!

Thank you for your great review & kind words. You guys are great dog people, keep up the training and have fun with your pooch!

by Gerard Raneri on Dog Training Mobile
Google Reviews

I want to thank all of you for reading my reviews. To read more reviews from other clients please follow this link to my "Google" reviews. Dog Training Mobile


by Jack Ekstrom on Dog Training Mobile
Kudos to Gerard!

We engaged Gerard to help us corral our headstrong Bichon puppy. She was not taking to housebreaking and was extremely difficult to control on her leash. Gerard took her in hand and had her sit, lie down, come and heel in short order. Gerard clearly loves all dogs and is respectful but firm when we encountered other dogs and their owners, always asking permission to approach. He is skilled at helping us owners direct our energy to positive activities and we have learned to direct our puppy toward our desired behavior for her. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND, Gerard -- we received exceptional value for the cost.

thank you Jack and Diane, you guys were a joy to work with!

by Rhonda S on Dog Training Mobile
Dog Training

Gerard is wonderful with my dogs. in fact this is the second dog Gerard trained for me. The first was in 2005 and now this dog, Sashas. He is always on time, he always takes his time with my dog and me. He is so calm and waits out my dog, then...the dog gets it. Today he taught my dog touch in like five minutes.... Plus, sit, and stay and come and down... All in one day. And I had not once said down or stay to my dog and now she knows them like she's been doing them all her life.. She's only 6 month old now.
Anyway Gerard / Dog Training Mobile are fantastic. You can trust him, he's been around a long time.

thank you for your kind words!

by G.M. on Dog Training Mobile
Absolutely Wonderful

Gerard is absolutely wonderful. We have a six month old Labradoodle that was having difficulty with focusing on training. Walks were a nightmare. In three sessions, Gerard was able to address all of our issues and we now have a wonderful base to build upon. Gerard's "no pain" approach to training is appreciated. Best of all our dog (and his chocolate lab "brother") love working with him. I recommend Gerard without reservation.

by Tessa K. on Dog Training Mobile
Very Grateful

Gerard is awesome! We have a 2 year old Old English Bulldog Chewy, and 10 week old Rotti Koda. Chewy was a tough one for us and he has made a complete turn around. I couldn't get him to sit, stay, come, couldn't walk him without him dragging me along, and he was marking. Now he is such a joy! Walks by my side, listens to our commands, and no more marking. He has become the perfect family dog, and we couldn't have done it without Gerard. He sees our animals how we do, as part of our family. His compassion for dogs is what we love most. It was a great experience to work without someone who genuinely cares about your animals. Thank you Gerard, it was such a pleasure to work with you and we are so grateful!

by N.S. on Dog Training Mobile
Great Experience

We had a great experience! Georgia, our Sheepadoodle, is a completely different dog-in good way... manners, listens, follows her commands. We enjoyed working with Gerard! You can tell he really loves his job! Thanks again, Gerard!

by Sara S. on Dog Training Mobile
Happy with methods

My dog is doing great! But that was not the case a few months ago.

Gerard showed me how to train my dog to behave without force or pain. His methods are easy to learn and just make sense. My dog responded quickly to dog training methods that Gerard used. No more prong collars or shock collars...in fact all he uses is a martaingale collar and a 6' cotton leash and he included both in the price.
It's so nice to have my dog around now! Thanks you very much!

by Thom & Clair on Dog Training Mobile
Very pleased with dog training

Im so happy we met Gerard. He has saved our dog form possibly being euthanized. Our dog was extremely aggressive. Because he is smaller, we just managed it, until he bit the vet. This is the second bit he's done. The first was a family member and now the Vet.

The Vet recommended Gerard. On the first Visit saw the issues. He had us start treating our dog differently. He showed how the dog was in charge and calling the shots. Our dog is 5 and he knows no commands. Gerard started with the basics.. sit, stay, come and door manners. But we had to stop letting the dog boss us around. Gerard showed us how to take the control back without using harshness or pain. It's been about six month since Gerard finishes training and our dog (Cisco) is doing great. Oh Gerard even took us to the vet for training. Cisco is no longer growling at us or the Vet and he's actually happy now. He was always nervous before. Now our dog (Cisco) knows we are going to keep him safe.

You are welcome, Call me anytime for help!

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