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Dog Food “To Grain or Not to Grain? ” That is the question

I am sure many of you have heard about claims stating that Grain Free Dog Food causes  heart issues with some dogs. In my opinion, I don’t trust the study or the source. I feed Orijen and Stella and Chewy’s grain free food and have for over a decade.

I have a few links to share with you and I beg you to not just jump off your dog food without really researching what you’re being told.

This link goes to my Veterinarian’s  article, I want to mention their only concern is to make sure their clients animals are kept healthy.


This next link takes you to what I consider  to be one of the best dog foods your money can buy. I feed my dogs the Orijen line and have for years. None of my dogs have ever had heart issues.


I would like to post the actual study, not a copy that is not in its  full original  form. Ive been having trouble finding it. However you can find abbreviated versions of the study all over the internet.

I know the main issue is supposedly “Taurine”levels being low… however Taurine comes from meets not grains. Please, don’t take my word for it, look it up. Google where does Taurine come from.

Another theory is that too much Pea and or Lentil Beans may be playing a roll in this,  my Vet did mention that in his article. Please look at the ingredients in Orijan, it has none of that in it.  In the Acana line there is  lentils and  peas higher up in the ingredients. However they have no idea what is creating the  heart issues with dogs.

Lots of work needs to be done and I’m hopeful its done correctly and not like it has been. It was reckless of the FDA to name foods by brand without any science behind it.


Food plays an important roll in our dogs lives, just like it does in humans. If we feed poor quality dog food to our dogs, they get sick, they can behave poorly they can get allergies. The list of issues goes on and on.  I have to say that not all grains are bad, its actually ok to feed some grains. However some grains harm dogs with long term use, my dog brakes out in hotspots and gets really sick.

We all  know and love our dogs and feeding them healthy dog food will help them live a healthy & happy life.  In my opinion and experience the following are bad for dogs- Any Corn or Corn Meals, any Wheat, any Glutens any by-products, BHA/BHT, Soy, White Flour, Un-named Meats, Artificial coloring, any kind of sugar or molasses are all bad for dogs long or short term. They are fillers and cheap ingredients  and most dog food companies use them to make more money and keep prices down.

I hope this helps you to keep your dog healthy and safe!


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