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Dog Training Season

We are in the best time of year to start your puppy and or dog training. The weather is cooling down and our dogs are motivated to interact, especially in the mornings . When its hot, our dogs slow down; it’s a survival response to protect from over heating.

The dog and puppy training I offer, I call “Real Life” training.  This means I don’t make you do things or go places you will never do again or take your dog there again. Real Life Dog & Puppy Training is about doing what you want to do with your dogs, teaching them to be comfortable in that situation.

My goal is to help you in your real life situations, to help you with your actual daily relationship with your dog.  People often ask me if I will do a “board and train” with their dog, meaning will I take their dog into my world and train him or her. I normally do not offer that service because once the dog gets back home, the old behavior tends to sneak back.

My goal is to teach you and your dog in the actual  real life environment you both live in.

Let me share an actual example of a case I had.  The dog completed the Board & Train program, he knew all the commands very well. Sit, stay, come, down, the dog did them all!  Before the board and train program, he would bark and charge the front door when someone rang the bell or knocks. After board and train, he ignored the front door and seemed to not even notice it… but after a few weeks, he went back to the old behavior. First it started by the dog ignoring basic commands, the owner would call the dog, but he would turn and look at her, then walk away. It kept building… Why? The relationship needed work.. The Leadership was missing, Leadership without force is the key to having a dog listen. If force is used, as soon as force is gone, many dogs won’t listen.  Forceful dog training is not used by Dog Training Mobile, however,  some do use it. I won’t say its never needed but I will say 90% of the dogs forced in training is not needed.  Teaching a dog through Trust, Bond and building your relationship with your dog is the key to success.

My goal is to help my clients (the dogs & humans) to become happy healthy family/ pack members. Learning new ways to communicate with our dogs is very important. Dogs & humans misunderstand each other a lot of the time, we miss opportunities daily because we aren’t dogs… we don’t communicate like dogs.

Take our canine behavior quiz at https://www.dogtrainingtucsonaz.com/quiz/ 

One of my sayings is “Leadership Without Force” our family dog training methods never uses pain to force a dog to comply. Training can be fun and dogs should want to put their collar and leash on, not fear it. Give us a call if you need any help. Gerard  520-440-8848


Check Out this cute Video, (click the red link)  that I call … Who’s Training Who?


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