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Sky is my 9 month old Belgian Tervuren

9 month old Belgian Tervuren , Skye.
Five stars for Gerards’ training methods! I have a 9 month old Belgian Tervuren , Skye. We had gone to training classes else where and they were not working. My pup was anxious and […]

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Dog Safety Tips for children on Halloween and Year-Round

Dog Safety Tips for children on Halloween and Year-Round
Halloween is a good time to remind or teach your kids how to stay safe around dogs, even your own family dog.
Explain to little ones that since dogs can’t tell you if […]

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July 4th Dog Safety Tips on KGUN 9 News with Dog Training Mobile

Tucson’s KGUN 9 News,Priscilla Casper and Gerard Raneri discusses how to help your dog feel safe during the July 4th Fireworks. The same methods can help you dog during our monsoons.   Read More

Colorado’s Best Dog Trainer

Dog Training Denver Colorado

click the logo above to be directed to Better Manners Dog Training
If you’re in the Denver Colorado area and you’re in need of a dog training, call Better […]

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It’s Monsoon Time Again! Is Your Dog afraid of storms?

Helping Your Dog Cope With Our Tucson Monsoons
If  your dog is afraid of the thunder and lightning you may be able to help them settle down. There are many things you can do to help your dog feel secure and […]

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by Gerard Raneri
Dog Training Mobile

Our Tucson heat can become brutal in the summer as most of us already  know. Our dogs may have it even worse in some situations. They can’t always tell you what they need, it’s up to […]

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Is your dog growling at people or other dogs?

Here in Tucson, we broke 100 degrees today, for many dogs the Tucson heat can be a major irritant. During the summer months I frequently work with clients and receive calls from dog owners about their dog’s growling. Understandably, this […]

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Puppy Training – In Home training is safe for puppies

In home puppy/dog training works great for puppies… If your pup hasn’t received all their shots yet, you should not take them to a dog training class. The reason is obvious, no shots no protection.  But there is no reason […]

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Holiday Safety Tips for Dogs

Holiday Safety Tips
People food

Many holiday foods are harmful or even toxic to our pet dogs. Particularly dangerous are cooked poultry bones; chocolate and other sweets; and bread dough. Click here for a complete list of foods to avoid feeding […]

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Give the Gift Of Dog Training this Christmas

Give the Gift Of Dog Training this Christmas
Do you have a friend or family member that has a dog or puppy that drives everyone crazy?
The dog or puppy that is needing a little extra training.  We can help […]

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