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Puppy Training – In Home training is safe for puppies

In home puppy/dog training works great for puppies… If your pup hasn’t received all their shots yet, you should not take them to a dog training class. The reason is obvious, no shots no protection.  But there is no reason to hold off formal puppy training! Many trainers come to your home and start the training there. Lets face it, if you can’t gain control in your home, you probably won’t gain control outside the home either.

The things we can get started on are endless. Such as getting your puppy use to a leash, collar, start the command process. Things like sit, stay, come, go to “their place” getting your puppy use to following you, use to you becoming the leader.  Of course housebreaking/ potty training is very important to most new puppy owners. We’ll start being proactive as opposed to reactive. Building on small wins, layering or chaining tasks together is easy and fun for most puppies when done right. It’s us humans that have issues with actually doing the training and being proactive. But don’t worry, I can show you and I’m sure your puppy will excel quickly. When your puppy has all their shots, we can venture out to real world interaction.

No Shots no protection.

In Home Puppy Training keeps puppy safe.

  If you have a puppy that seems aggressive or you feel has some  other major behavioral issues, please, never use physical  corrections, this will surly make things worse.  Alpha rolling and  other dominant type methods normally backfire and make the  dog or puppy worse. All puppies need bond building, trust  building, confidence building time, especially if  they had a rough  start in life. Coddling puppies too much creates other issues,  so  it’s truly about a balance in your pack. 

 Please, call a well rated dog trainer and ask for an evaluation. In  fact I offer a free in home evaluation. We can evaluate your  puppy or dog and see what’s going on. Then I can make  recommendations on how we can proceed. 

Please note: depending on your location, there may be a trip charge, for the folks that live off the beaten path.

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