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Dog Safety Tips During Our Tucson Monsoons

Dog Training Mobile  (Gerard Raneri) discusses Tucson Monsoons safety for dogs. Local KVOA TV 4 Tucson report.

This year we are really getting hit hard! The year that this news report was filmed the Monsoons were mild nothing like this year. Many dogs become scared as soon as they sense the barometric pressure rise.  The big question is how do we help our dogs settle down when the storms roll in?

First, before the storm starts, make sure your dogs have there tags on. Even if they have a chip, Tags can always be read, chips must be read by a veterinarian. If your dog is found by someone, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to reach you. I think the Chip concept is great however dog Tags are quick and easy, so I recommend both.

Do not leave a fearful dog alone in your yard. If your dog gets scared enough, he or she will find a way out. Dogs that are this reactive to stormes must be kept inside with a person with them.

Things like background noise such as TV or radio can be helpful.  Make sure the blinds are pulled closed.

Know your dogs “safe place” some dogs like a crate others like to go under the bed. Some dogs go under covers and I have a few clients that let their dogs go into their closet. Dogs can make anyone of the mentioned areas their safe den. Some dogs want to be up close to their human, if you are okay with that then it’s fine. However we want to teach our dogs to self – sooth because you might be at work when a storm comes so we want to know our dogs can get through this alone.

In severe cases meds may be needed, ask you vet for help. some dogs need meds and there is nothing wrong with giving your dogs meds when storms come. I have seen dogs go from being so fearful to become calm and settled. This is short term and short acting. All I can say is ask your vet, some will agree and offer meds and others may say no meds are needed.

it’s our job as the pack leader to help our dogs feel safe, feel free to reach out to me if you have questions. Im always willing to discuss your situation at no cost.

Enjoy the rainy weather while it lasts. Hopefully your dog is not weather reactive and you don’t have to deal with any of this issues discussed above.


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