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About Me...

Hi! My name is Gerard Raneri. When I trained my first dog nearly 25 years ago, I knew I had found my passion. Since then, I have gained an in-depth knowledge, seeing consistent success...
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My Philosophy...

We believe your relationship with your dog should be like those you have with your family and friends: trusting, rewarding, and fun! The basic tenants of our philosophy are...
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My Approach...

My methods employ a relationship-based approach, using operant conditioning. We teach you to gain control without harsh equipment or force.
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Featured on TV...

I've been on local TV here in Tucson several times to share my knowledge with everyone. Check out the videos, maybe they'll help you with your canine friend...
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The latest from our Blog...

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Dog Training Season

We are in the best time of year to start your puppy and or dog training. The weather is cooling down and our dogs are motivated to interact, especially in the mornings . When its hot, our dogs slow down; […]

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Dog Food “To Grain or Not to Grain? ” That is the question

I am sure many of you have heard about claims stating that Grain Free Dog Food causes  heart issues with some dogs. In my opinion, I don’t trust the study or the source. I feed Orijen and Stella and Chewy’s […]

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Dogs & Snakes – Keep Your Dogs Safe From Rattle Snake Bites

Their Back… Its snake season again!
People are reporting rattle snake sightings already this year. How do we keep our dogs safe from rattle snake bites? I suggest taking your dog to a reputable snake avoidance class. Even the most obedient […]

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Dog Training For The Holidays and Safety Reminders

Holiday Training and Safety Reminders
Greeting Holiday Visitors
Ding dong! Hi, folks, Happy Holi—barkbarkbarkbarkbarkbark!!
We all know that front door scene. Whether it’s the UPS guy, a neighbor dropping by, or a bevy of expected guests, many dogs go nuts when they hear […]

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Dog Safety Tips for Our Tucson Summer Challenges

 Summer is Here Again!
 During our summer months here in the Sonoran Desert we have lots to be aware of in keeping our dogs safe and secure. 
And that means July 4th fireworks, monsoons, kids out of school and pestering the family […]

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