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How To Stop Your Dog From Barking?

Barking dogs; This is a very common problem for many dog owners. From apartment dwellers to Single Family Residents homes, neighbors complain about barking dogs.
While there are all kinds of devices on the market that make claims they stop dogs […]

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What dog breed is the best to have?

I often hear this question, “what breed is the best one to get?”
My response is simple, well maybe not that simple. It all depends on your lifestyle; are you an active family? Do you like hiking or taking long walks? […]

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Dog Training That Works

As a dog trainer I often get asked this question; what kind of method do you use? While this may seem like a simple enough question to answer, it’s not. At least not until I meet the dog or dogs […]

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How Much Will Dog Training Cost?

This can be one of the first questions I receive when I get a phone call about my dog training services. Of course I always answer that question but I must understand what kind of dog training they want and […]

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Do You Need a Holiday Gift Idea? How about In Home Dog Training…

We all have friends and or family members who’s dogs need a little training. Or maybe you know someone who’s dog is out of control?
What better way to help them then with a Holiday Gift Certificate from a professional dog […]

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Dog Safety During Halloween 10 Tips for 2014

# 10. Be sure your dogs have their tags on, dogs may escape with your front door opening and closing all the time.
# 9. Some dogs are very reactive to the front door bell. Be proactive and start training your […]

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How to keep your dog safe during the monsoon thunderstorms.

Your Dog and Tucson Monsoon Storms: Can be a Recipe for Mayhem

Most dog owners know what can happen to their brand new carpeting during a thunderstorm. A dog’s sense of hearing is far more sensitive than a human’s, so fear […]

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Are you going on vacation? Need a Pet Friendly Hotel

To find the holtel that fits your needs click on the logo below. Please, let me know if you like them. Read More

I am a Local Tucson Business

Not all businesses here in Tucson are actually local businesses. My business keeps 100% of it’s revenue right here in Tucson. Pleas read more about this topic. I’m proud to be here in Tucson for over 30 years. Supporting Local […]

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Local Veterinarian – Eastpoint Pet Clinic

Dr. Rocco Mele and his staff are wonderful with animals & people too! His office is located at 6470 E 22nd Street Tucson, Az 85710 – I trust them with my animals 100%! Great group of people and a fantastic […]

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