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Quality Dog Food


If you are having issues with your dog or puppy, you may want to consider the food you are feeding.

Check Out paw Tree 

A better way to care for our pets with premium quality food, treats and supplements made with only the finest ingredients.

A better way to share solutions catered to the unique needs of our pets to help pet parents make more informed decisions.

A better way to help people live a life filled with purpose, all while making a difference in the lives of pets and people.

Knowing that his entire career had prepared him for this exact challenge, he set out on a journey to discover exactly that.


Gerard says – “This food is fantastic, it’s an honest,  quality driven dog food . The Pawtree Dog & Cat Food is truly nutritious, it’s not full of Corn or bad grains. In fact you can go grain free and not worry about your dogs health.  By the way, my dogs do eat this food!  This company is out of Texas check them out, you’ll see its quality dog food.

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