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How the pandemic affects our Dogs

We are all living a new life, that includes our dogs too! With the new, “work from home” employment situation our dogs are loving it. In fact, we love having our best friend around all the time… Day in, day out our dog is by your side, one month, two month, now it’s been 4 month of this for some folks.

Things lightened up some and maybe you decided to go out for the evening… only to come home to a wrecked house. The remote control is chewed up, the book you were reading is destroyed, what’s going on with this dog?

Separation Anxiety!

This has become one of the main calls I’ve been getting since the “COVID 19 work from home” started. So let me cut to the chase, dogs are pack animals. They want to be with their pack member, leaders or if they see themselves as the leader, that can even make the anxiety worse.  Once a dog starts this behavior, it’s not easy to turn around.

Actual client – Canine Separation Anxiety

The first tip I’ll offer is to start separating yourself from your dog inside your own home. Maybe use a baby gate, start teaching your dog to wait for you outside of the bathroom. Start small and then start raising the bar little by little. Of course starting this with a puppy is the best however, it works with adult dogs as well. In some cases a crate is a great option, many dogs find security when in a crate. Other dogs actually get worse in a crate. Either way it’s always best to limit your dog’s movement. Meaning do not give your dog full run of the house. Create a safe area for your dog, a place that all they can get into is their own toys. Leave them good toys, like a kong or something they like, and low music for white noise for them.  Start small and build on success. This issue can be very severe, sometimes  herbs and supplements can help, sometimes medications are needed… In that case your Veterinarian  can guide you through that process.  Even if your dog needs meds, you’ll  still need to desensitize and  counter-condition your dog. With patience and consistency your dog can learn that being alone is not the end of the world.  If you have a puppy or young dog, start on this right away to avoid issues when your dogs matures.


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